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Lite Apparel | Why we use Organic Cotton

Lite Apparel | Why we use Organic Cotton

Cotton is a commodity at the center of the global economy yet there are seemingly endless amounts of issues associated with the picking, transformation and distribution of this fine fibre.

Campaigns such as the Pick Your Cotton Carefully and The Cotton Campaign have aimed to raise these issues – and have certainly done just that. Though, particularly in mainstream or what would be considered fast fashion the eploitation of poorly produced cotton is still very much present.

The lack of govern within the cotton industry is widely thought to be at fault here and could be seen as the real reason why there is such a vast array of ethical and sustainable issues.

  • It takes no less than 20,000 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt or pair of jeans!
  • In one region alone the world-renowned powerhouse producers of cotton, Uzbekistan, was estimated to be exploiting 200,000 children in and around their Cotton Fields.
  • Cotton grows on 2.4% of the world’s arable land, yet it is responsible for the release of over $2bn of chemical pesticides each year.

There are seemingly countless reasons as to why organic cotton should be a pre-requisite for all clothing creators, though for us, our exploration and eventual use of 100% organic cotton was truthfully largely due to the tremendous quality-of-output when using it. There is a significant and clear difference when comparing to the mass produced or widely deemed, ‘regular cotton’, and so we decided to use it – even though it may have been a little more expensive!

Airbrushed Black t-shirt 100% Organic Fabric
Airbrushed Black t-shirt 100% Organic Fabric

We are proud to share that most if not all of our products comprise of or are even solely made of Organic Cotton. From the very beginning we hoped to ensure this and are glad to of achieved just that!

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