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“You are what you wear” – The importance of Ethical Fashion

“You are what you wear” – The importance of Ethical Fashion

To date, 250 million 5-14 year olds are being exploited in hundreds of thousands of sweat shops around the world.

Unfortunately, a significant majority of our favourite high-street retailers have been discovered to, if not are even open to, utilising these.

To me, it’s worrying to see when stores such as H&M or GAP are widely acclaimed and applauded for their generosity of gifting their production workers with ‘minimum wage’ – should this not be a pre-requisite?

I certainly am not going to claim that I have been, or am, the most perfectly, ethically, sustainably, honourably and morally conscious consumer.

Although, through personal experience with manufacturing and production in China, and having exhausted hundreds of pages on Google Search – I have become more aware of the true implications of cutting corners in the creation of produce.

Ethical Fashion covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, the environment, and animal welfare.

The great thing about being a consumer, is that you have the power. You can decide what you eat, where you go, and what clothes you purchase.

Although ethically or sustainably produced products are inevitably a little more expensive, the reason is simply because you are paying for a better quality product – and most importantly, a wage on which the individual who produced that garment can survive.

For us, we are very proud to launch our first collection in partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation and can ensure that we will continue to practice and explore ethical methods of manufacturing & production.

For a little more info about Lite Apparel check out out our Questions & Answers.

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