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Dreaming of Patagonia – Our Inspiration


Before we started formulating our own identity, we wanted to extensively delve into the brands of whom initially inspired us to pursue Lite.

Fred Perry, Farah, Lyle and Scott and The North Face all sprung to mind. What attracted us most to these well known brands were their clear match of higher-than-average quality material and their use of simplistic, clean branding.

As a new start-up we understood that we needed to bring our own unique value to the brand – as we simply didn’t have the 50+ years of heritage as the ones mentioned previously had.

We played around with innovating through design aspects i.e logos, colours, styles, but for us we wanted to keep our apparel as simplistic as possible.

Instead of innovating through design, we hoped to innovate, and utilise innovation through the processes that crafted our apparel.

Naturally, we wished to use the highest and most premium fabrics and I think organically it was only right for us to come across sustainable and indeed ethical methods of production as these offered the greatest quality of output.

Through research and discussions we learned about the likes of People Tree, Kuyichi and Apolis, yet there was one brand who really stood out for us – Patagonia.

They have found and embraced the happy medium between ethical/sustainable fashion and super high quality but accessible urban global-streetwear.

From the very beginning this is where we hoped to position Lite, and Patagonia have definitely provided inspiration to show that it is indeed possible.

Having had the pleasure of meeting with Josh Nielsen, MD at Patagonia, I truly appreciate and am in awe with the extensive work they are doing for the environment and worldwide sporting communities – check out their video below.

This is something we truly hope to replicate, and although it of course will be a tough task – we’re in it for the long run!

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